mods 1.19.2

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mods 1.19.2

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Download and unzip the mod files below.
(213.87 MiB) Downloaded 60 times
forge_in_minecraft.PNG (1018.55 KiB) Viewed 357 times
  • open folder
  • run install forge
  • run install mods
Minecraft Launcher
You should now find a new minecraft profile, select the correct forge profile to start your modded game
forge_in_minecraft.PNG (1018.55 KiB) Viewed 357 times

nice tweeks:
  • Options -> Video Settings -> Dynamic Lights -> Fast/Fandy (example: torch emits light if in main/offhand, also when dropped as item)
  • Use Z for zoom
A shader changes the look of minecraft and adds sunlight, shadows and reflections. Note that you need a beefy pc to run shaders.
We provided a shader in our mods, but there are many others online.
  • Options -> Video Settings... -> Shaders... ->
  • Options -> Video Settings... -> Details... -> Clouds -> OFF

Resource Packs
  • Options -> Video Settings... -> Resource Packs ->
We provided this resource pack because it doesnt change the default look of minecraft a lot. There are also a lot of resourcepacks you can find online.
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